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 We offer after school classes or homeschool classes and Summer Camps in Robotics, Minecraft, Sports of All Sorts, & Chess.


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Smoke Rise Prep



Smoke Rise Baptist Church – SmokeRise Prep

5901 Hugh Howell Road

Stone Mountain, GA 30087

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Firm Foundation



Firm Foundation

          6440 Rock Springs Rd

Lithonia, GA 30038 US

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Smoke Rise Elementary School


1991 Silver Hill road Stone Mountain, GA 30087

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LEADS Homeschool Group

 Avondale First Baptist Church

47 Covington Rd,

Avondale Estates, GA 30002

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What we offer



 Robotics is open to students 5 – 15. (Younger students may join but must be able to sustain a 90-minute class) This course combines Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology.  Robotics offers students a way to learn which combines all of these curriculums and have fun doing it.  We will use “Lego for Education” building pieces to construct each robot. They will use the NXT programmable bricks to run each robot. The sessions are 90 minutes each week. I have directions for over 500 robots, so we don’t make the same robots again unless there is a special request. The class will be divided into groups based on building ability.  All equipment is provided for the building side of the class. 

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Chess is open to all students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. This class is for students that have little or limited knowledge to advanced players of the game of Chess. Beginners will learn one piece at a time until they have learned the all of the pieces. Each class will have instruction and monitored open play between students. Awards will be presented as levels of understanding and ability are met. Chess sets are provided. Chess clocks and notation sheets will be provided when that level of play is obtained. 

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 In this class we will be exploring different aspects of Minecraft to promote a better understanding of the game, increase gaming proficiency, and provide an enjoyable playing experience. This class will entail the use of activates my team has created to accomplish these goals. This class also includes access to a modpack, and a safe server to play on with their fellow classmates.  We will also offer an out of class access to a safe multiplayer server (a place when the class will be able to interact as a group from their home).  
Requires a working Laptop and a minecraft java account.

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Jamie's Gym / Sports of all Sorts

 Fun with sports, we will do a range of different games each week that will challenge and engage students. The games will be oriented to challenges that are benefited by critical thinking as well as athleticism. 

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